OSXplanet Title

Version 2.0b01 - 09.01.08
• [Fixed] Some Problems with Dual-Display Settings.
• [Fixed] A bug that prevented earthquakes greater than 5.0 from showing up.
• [Fixed] A bug where the preferences window would change size from the bottom making the window in accessible.
• [Enhanced] Changed how the multiple screens are set up.
• [Enhanced] Volcano images are now smaller.
• [Enhanced] Satellite images are more attractive.
• [Feature] New Rendered Maps in addition to the "Blue Marble."
• [Feature] Screensaver Option.
• [Feature] The ability to archive the images have been added.
• [Feature] Cloud Intensity can now be controlled.
• [Feature] Storm Forecast Path.
• [Feature] Weathers of Different cities can now be view.
• [Feature] Different Satellites can be enabled and disabled.
• [Feature] Landscape Texture has been added to give a more 3D look.
• [Feature] The ability to set the Fonts has been added.
• [Feature] In certain projections, the planet body can be moved around to be centered at different areas of the monitor.
• [Feature] The ability to Show and Hide Menubar and Dock Items.
• [Feature] You can now delay updates for a minute to improve startup performance.
• [Feature] Uninstall option is now built-in.


Version 1.0.1 - 01.22.07
• [Fixed] Moon icon not showing up during new moon.
• [Enhanced] Accurate moon phase for sublunar point.
• [Fixed] Occasional crash, usually waking from sleep.

Version 1.0 - 09.01.06
• [Feature] Multi-Monitor Support has been added.
• [Enhanced] Complete Rewrite of the program.
• [Feature] Universal Binary.
• [Feature] OSXplanet now has presets.
• [Enhanced] New interface with toolbar.
• [Fixed] Cloud maps now update without problems.
• [Feature] Now there are both high and low quality maps of the Earth.
• [Feature] The origin coordinates can now be set to an active city.
• [Feature] Changes to preferences are now saved "on-the-go."
• [Feature] Live, Dynamic preview.
• [Enhanced] Preview is now integrated into the General Tab.
• [Fixed] Many of the memory leaks have been removed.
• [Enhanced] Interface is now much more responsive.
• [Enhanced] Interface is now "smart." (Many options are set automatically depending on other options.)
• [Feature] The font of the labels can now be changed. (Under the General Tab).
• [Enhanced] The cities interface has been touched up.
• [Removed] The "Export..." button under the Cities Tab has been removed.
• [Feature] Added the ability to Enable/Disable the download of Visuals Data.
• [Feature] Added the ability to view Storm Paths.
• [Enhanced] Magnitude Threshold Interface has had a touch-up.
• [Enhanced] The Other Tab has had a touch-up.
• [Feature] The ability to set desktop to the "OSXplanet Background" on quit has been added.
• [Feature] Manual Check For Updates has been added to the Preferences.
• [Enhanced] Smaller, Sleeker Splash Screen.
• [Enhanced] The colors for city labels can now be chosen using the default Color Picker.
• [Feature] OSXplanet now runs with low priority (aka nice).
• [Removed] OSXplanet no longer supports Mac OS X 10.2.8 and earlier.
• [Feature] The Cities List is now alphabetized.
• [Enhanced] Volcanos are now rendered more nicely.

Version 0.88 - 10.05.05
• Fixed the Earthquakes download (again hopefully it will last a little longer this time).

Version 0.87 - 10.04.05
• Fixed the issue of "white image" popping up.
• Fixed the issue of the earthquakes not updating properly.
• If you would like to translate OSXplanet in other languages, please let me know at gabriel@otte.ucsc.edu.

Version 0.86 - 05.16.05
• Higher Resolution Images (4096 x 2048) Thanks to Seth Price (As a result the image creation takes longer).
• 10,020 Cities in the Cities Database. As a result cities setting will not be saved. Thanks to John H. Andrews.
• Added Finnish Localization thanks to Ilkka Mäkelä.
• Added Tranditional Chinese Localization thanks to Jing-Jong Shyue.
• Added Italian Localization thanks to Giusva Iannitelli.
• Added Danish Localization thanks to Steen Villumsen.
• Complete rewrites of some parts of the code.
• The rewrites of the code clashes with some of the older version of OSXplanet. It is highly recommended that you remove the traces of the older versions. You may leave the preferences.
• Minor bug fixes.
• Optional Low-Quality images can be downloaded from www.osxplanet.com.
• NOTE: Due to certain changes in the OSXplanet code, you must update the version of OSXplanet to 0.85 before upgrading to 0.86.
• If you would like to translate OSXplanet in other languages, please let me know at gabriel@otte.ucsc.edu.

Version 0.85 - 03.24.05
• Fixed some problems with the GUI and the Mercator Projection

Version 0.84 - 03.19.04
• Fixed a bug that was caused by changes in the Earthquake site

Version 0.83 - 2.28.04
• Fixed a bug where the wrong day of the week is displayed for the update times. Thanks to David M. Wood for pointing this out to me.
• German Localization has been added. Thank you Alexander Klar.
• Fixed some bugs dealing with the creation of the image under Jaguar.
• Fixed some bugs where OSXplanet couldn't create the image under a normal user.
• Fully Compatible With Tiger.
• Fixes the issue with the Earthquakes not updating
• If you'd like to make any other localizations for OSXplanet please contact me at gabriel@otte.ucsc.edu.

Version 0.8 - 12.21.04
• Changed the automatic login to be off by default.
• The lunar point now shows the phases of the moon. Note that the phases are the most basic phases (Full, Waning Cresent, Waxing Cresent, Waning Gibbous, Waxing Gibbous, etc.).
• The cities with special characters such as « and ¬ are now displayed correctly.
• Fixed a bug where the subsolar and sublunar points wouldn't show up when the cities were disabled. Thanks to Matthew Ackerman.
• Fixed a bug where when the resolution of the screen has changed, the background would stay the same. The Background returns to normal on the next update.
• French Localization (Thanks to StŽphane Carre and Michel Pansanel).
• Fixed a bug where some volcanos would not appear at the right coordinates due to changes in the source information.
• Fixed a bug where the clouds would disappear if the cloud maps were corrupt on the remote side.
• OSXplanet now tries to download a cloud map again if it fails the first time.
• OSXplanet now works with GeekTool.
• OSXplanet now exports only the cities that are selected.
• If you'd like to make any other localizations for OSXplanet please contact me at gabriel@otte.ucsc.edu.

Version 0.78 - 10.30.04
• Fixed a bug in version 0.77 that caused OSXplanet to crash if the there were no storms.

Version 0.77 - 10.25.04
• Fixed a bug in version 0.76 that didn't allow upgrades from older versions.

Version 0.76 - 10.24.04
• Fixed a bug where the clouds will disappear if the cloud map on the server side was somehow inaccessible. (Thanks to Julyan Cartwright for pointing this out to me!)
• Changed the way cities are stored so they are more easy to work with.
• Fixed a bug where when there is a new version it wouldn't show up.

Version 0.75 - 10.19.04
• Some bug fixes and removed the donate pop-up Window.

Version 0.74 - 10.18.04
• OSXplanet now is independent of Totalmarker. Totalmarker is not used, distributed with OSXplanet in anyway.
• Much rewritten code concerning clouds, storm, volcano, earthquake, and satellite updates.
• Downloads of info should work behind proxies and such now. (Please give me feedback on this!).
• Volcanos now appear as volcanos and instead of inscribed circles. This will take effect after the first Volcano update.
• A little change in earthquake interface.
• The desktop image is now saved until the next update under the desktop folder inside Xplanet folder.
• Added ability to export cities list for future releases which will be able to import it.
• OSXplanet now checks for updates.
• Changed the interface so that it's more user-friendly.
• OSXplanet now adds and removes itself from startup items from the application.
• The clouds are now updated every 3 hours now.
• OSXplanet now works with the "Change Picture" option enabled.
• Much rewritten code that I think fixes the "Dock Running" problems. Feedback on this please!
• If you'd like to send me your cities for future releases of OSXplanet please send me the file that OSXplanet exports!

Version 0.6 - 07.24.04
• Almost a complete rewrite of the code: This should fix problems like (occasional default aqua screens, and continue refreshing of desktop after OSXplanet quits) on many computers.
• Now compatible with both Jaguar and Panther.
• OSXplanet is (for now) out of Beta Stage.
• The subsolar and sublunar point can now be shown.
• Added checkboxes along the cities for easier enabling.
• You can now double-click on a city to update the information.
• You may now edit multiple cities at the same time (for colors and things).
• You can now adjust the weakest strength of earthquake to be displayed. Note: That this will only take effect after you have updated the earthquake data and then the next desktop refresh.
• Changed the update of cloud maps to 3 1/2 hours to ensure that the newest map is loaded.
• Removed the Stop and Start OSXplanet buttons and replaced it simply with an Apply Changes Button under the Others Tab. OSXplanet now runs full time and the changes you make changes at the next update.
• You can now return the background to the Pre-OSXplanet stage.
• You can now set an origin planet for earth if you'd like. The projection automatically is set to orthographic. You must set the projection to Set Origin before you can select an origin planet for earth.
• You can now have the face of the earth that is always light displayed by setting the origin of the earth to sun.
• If you have any suggestion please email me at gabriel@otte.ucsc.edu.

Version 0.4b02 - 04.24.04
• Numerous graphics improvements.
• Other planets can be viewed.
• Now able to set alternate origins.
• Added a "None" tab to Planet Position.
• Added Storm Data.
• Added Satellite Data.
• Added Volcano Data.
• Added Earthquake Data.
• Added the ability to delay the updates of visual data.
• Splash screen can now be disabled.
• There can now be custom background image.
• The engine for updating cloud maps is updated.
• The engine for visual updates has been changed to Totalmarker.
• More options have been added to the menu.
• Full compatibility with Mac OS X 10.3.3
• The xplanet engine is now updated to version 1.0.5
• The default font has changed. If you don't like it sorry. Next version is likely to have ability to change fonts.
• If anyone would like to make a new icon for OSXplanet, then please send it to me at gabriel@otte.ucsc.edu. You will of course be listed on the readme.

Version 0.3b01 - 01.10.04
• Ability to have cloud maps (Yay!)
• Cities are now much easier to work with.
• Added a splash screen
• The default for planet position is now Origin not random.
• Projection Preview is now bigger.
• Removed Range of View Preferences
• Radius Size Preference is now easier to work with.
• Rotate Preference is now easier to work with.
• Refresh Intervals is now easier to work with.
• Overall stability has been improved.
• Fixed a bug with the refresh interval not working.
• Fixed a bug that caused OSXplanet to crash on quitting if xplanet wasn't running.
• The preferences file is now under a different name: com.gabrielotte.osxplanet.plist.
• Integrated the Readme and the Documentation into the Application.
• Colored Cities.
• Ability to control how much info about a city is shown.
• Radius and Rotate preferences are now much easier to use.
• Added ability to control whether OSXplanet sets desktop to default aqua or xplanet after xplanet is killed.
• The menubar now changes according to the status of the program. For example when xplanet is not running it will have a circle with a line through it. When it is updating clouds, it will have a cloud on it.

Version 0.2b01 - 12.08.03
• You don't need to put the Xplanet folder in your /Users/home folder/Library folder anymore
• Removed the Main Menu and the dock icon.
• I've added a menu on the menubar (shape of globe)
• Added the ability to label cities.
• Kills xplanet on quit
• Returns the background to default Aqua after quitting.
• New Icon
• Full Compatibility with Panther (Mac OS X 10.3.x).
• Many Bug fixes.
• Completely re-written code in some parts
• Got rid of the applescript (You don't need it anymore).
• If there is a problem in the program, please email me at gabriel@otte.ucsc.edu.
• It should work with Jaguar (please give me some feedback on this!)

Version 0.1b05 - 06.12.03
• I've added a projection preview.
• Bug fixes
• Fixed the mistake in README
• Fixed the applescript so it should work

Version 0.1b04 - 06.08.03
• Initial Release